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Babor Facials

VITA BALANCE - DEEP MOIST - Treatment of dry and dehydrated skin
The treatment complements the deficiency of moisture, improves elasticity, smoothness and gives a healthy, balanced tone, long-lasting moisturizing of the deeper layers of skin - 220 PLN

CALMING SENSITIVE - sensitive and allergic skin care

It strengthens the skin, makes it resistible to the harmful effects of external factors, reduces sensitivity and irritation, moisturizes and eliminates unpleasant feeling of tightness and burning skin - 240 PLN

COMPLEX C - rejuvenation and revitalization

Vitamin treatment for tired and strained by everyday stress skin. The treatment provides the skin with valuable vitamins C, A, E, B5 and promotes skin renewal process. It leaves skin fresh and supple - 250 PLN

COMPLEX C of algae mask - 280 PLN

COMPLEX C face massage - (+ ampoule facial massage) - 120 PLN

Gold of MOROCCO - firming and protection
Firming and improving skin elasticity treatment with precious Argan oil. It strengthens the network of collagen fibres, intensely nourishes and moisturizes the skin and protects collagen fibres from damage - 240 PLN

PURE SELECT Anti-ageing treatment  for skin prone to impurities
Optimal skin care from the first signs of ageing, susceptible to pollution, shining, excessive secretion of serum. Reduces wrinkles, moisturises, firms and tones, shapes the facial contours while mating and preventing the pollution - 260 PLN

Collagen Biomatrix
Treatment for all skin types which soothes, smooths, brightens and firms. With the mask in the form of a panel of collagen, collagen fibres are strengthened and wrinkles are shallowed - 220 PLN

The safe alternative for injections of collagen. Intensive care of tired and lacking in flexibility skin with a special massage to stimulate connective tissue. Assists natural collagen production, provides an instant firming effect, a panel of collagen intensively moisturises and smooths the skin - 350 PLN

MIMICAL CONTROL-lifting and smoothing wrinkles treatment
The procedure eliminates the micro-stresses in the skin, smooths wrinkles and through the use of coenzyme Q10 provides the skin with an intensive dose of energy - 260 PLN

DOCTOR BABOR treatments
DR BABOR ultimate collagen booster facelift
An intense, non-invasive care effectively liquidating the signs of ageing, heavily smoothing and restoring skin firmness, without having to undergo invasive surgery - 400 PLN

NEURO SENSITIVE - treatment for extremely sensitive skin
Treatment for extremely sensitive skin, highly irritated and dry. It soothes strained skin, relieves redness and burning and itching, reduces the sensitivity of the skin, strengthens skin‘s defence mechanisms - 200 PLN


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