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Sulphide bath
The bath in a solution of sulphide- hydrosulfuric salty water. Bath temperature is 34-37 0 C, time- 15 min, the frequency- daily or every other day. Sulphide -hydrosulfuric salty baths are a recognized balneological treatment used in chronic skin diseases of different origin and movement system disorders .The influence of the bath on the body starts from the moment of skin contact with water by gentle exfoliation of the epidermis and stimulation processes that support regeneration. These actions support bactericidal and fungicidal properties of sulphide water. The local effect is also to stimulate micro circulation, improve blood circulation and metabolism of the skin.
Sulphur penetrates the skin and it is absorbed into the bloodstream in the form of hydrogen sulphide, colloidal, and sodium thiosulfate as a gradient of concentration and on the active transport way. After passing through the skin layer, hydrosulfure forms polysulphides, which are a physiological constituent of connective tissue and substrate for the synthesis of sulphuric chondroitic acid (component of cartilage) and amino acids (cystine and methionine), Sulphide baths also have anti-inflammatory action by participating in the processes of the body‘s antioxidant defence. Inflammatory processes disturb the balance of oxidation-reduction processes, with a predominance of overproduction of free radicals, responsible for a series of destroying-degenerative processes. Dissociated hydro-sulphide absorbed from the sulphide bath serves as a neutraliser of free radicals or reactive oxygen form. The power of impact of this treatment depends on the concentration of the active compounds in a bath water and the surface area of absorption i.e. body surface area. It is recognized that 10% of the sulphur contained in the hydro-sulphide salty water is absorbed. The higher the concentration of the solution, the greater absorption of compounds in the treatment. The use of healing water sources containing high concentrations of active sulphur compounds in medicine, leads to better treatment outcomes.

• osteoarthritis
• rheumatoid Arthritis
• ankylosing spondylitis
• discopathies
• back pain
• post-traumatic states of musculoskeletal system
• peripheral arterial disease (Reynaud‘s disease, Buerger‘s disease)
• psoriasis
• seborrheic acne

• significant heart failure
• a clear arrhythmia
• conditions after myocardial infarction
• unstable coronary artery disease
• unstable hypertension
• states with a history of cancer
• chronic inflammation of the liver and pancreas
• recurrent phlebitis
• pregnancy and lactation

Carbonic acid bath
Chemical action of carbonic acid bath is associated with skin penetration of carbon dioxide which is dissolved in the bath water. During the bath a clear erythema appears on the skin, which is  caused by the enlargement of the capillaries and arterioles. This results in a shift of blood from the central parts of the body on the circuit. By reducing peripheral resistance, the heartbeat becomes more economical, coronary blood flow increases and diuresis increases.
They are used for high blood pressure in the first and second period, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, diabetic angiopathy, functional heart disease, vegetative neurosis.

• hypertension
• peripheral, arterial and venous circulatory disorders 
• diabetic angiopathy
• functional heart disease during cardiac performance
• vegetative neurosis

• hypotension
• bradycardia

Bath in the mud suspension
We use here the chemical action of mud, which contains humic acids, fulvic acids, estrogenic bodies, proteins, tannins in its composition, the treatment is undergone with limited thermal activity to 37 ° C. The impact of mud on the secretion of hormones, especially adrenal, pituitary and ovarian is confirmed.
The effect of the bath is an analgesic and diastolic action, cleansing the body of by-products of metabolism. The baths are used in osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, post-traumatic states, gynaecological and urinary tract diseases.

• osteoarthritis
• post-traumatic states
• gynaecological and urinary tract diseases

• significant heart failure
• unstable coronary artery disease
• conditions after myocardial infarction
• history of cancer within 5 years
• unstable hypertension
Partial Mud Wrap

The combination of mild heat with the chemical action of mud is used to treat degenerative joint and spine diseases, post-traumatic conditions, contractures, and neuralgia;

Effect of mud on the body:
• speeding up metabolism
• relaxation of muscle tone, ligament and joint capsules
• reduction of pain
• increased flexibility of muscles and  joint mobility
• increasing the absorption of inflammatory centres
• anti-inflammatory, astringent, bacteriostatic, bactericidal
  and antiviral action
• increased level of luteinising hormone, decreasing the insulin levels in serum
• enlargement of uterus with its underdevelopment
• increased levels of estradiol and progesterone and secretion with urine of adrenaline and noradrenaline with no change in the level of gonadotropins

• degenerative arthritis processes
• post-traumatic arthritis of bones, muscles
• soft tissue rheumatism
• myalgia
• chronic inflammatory diseases of joints and spine
• psoriatic arthritis
• conditions after total hip replacement
• back pain
• gynaecological diseases
• other

Sulphide cuts
The treatment consists of immersing the arms and legs in the sulphide water without entering into the bath. The effect of sulphide water when applying sulphide cuts is the same as during having baths. Used in case of contraindications to have a bath.


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