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Healing sulphide water

Healing sulphide water from a source "Malina”

The world‘s strongest sulphide brine, which we use for the treatments in the Rehabilitation Centre comes from the well, "Malina" in Solec Zdroj. According to the classification it is a highly mineralized water, sodium chloride (brine), sulphide, bromide, iodide, boron with the highest content of active sulphur compounds in the world.
The impact of balneological treatments depends on the concentration of active sulphur compounds in the water. Treatments with medicinal water sources containing high concentrations (above 100 mg/1L) of sulphur compounds provide the best therapeutic effects of spa treatment.
Like any stimulus treatment it requires a series of treatments, and the therapeutic effects persist about a year after the end of the treatment

 Location of the source  % of mineralization Sulfur compounds per 1 L
 Swoszowice  2,64%  70,04 mg H2S/1L
 Krzeszowice  0,28%  6,00 mg H2S/1L
 Horyniec  0,75%  23,00 mg H2S/1L
 Busko-Zdrój  1,40%  50,00 mg H2S/1L
 Solec-Zdrój "Malina"  3,10%  788,2 mg H2S/1L

Sulphide baths

For curing we use the traditional balneological treatments. The leading are unique sulphide baths in the water with the highest concentrations of sulphur compounds that can be found in both Polish and foreign spas.

The impact of treatments depends on the concentration of the active compounds in  bath water and the surface area of absorption i.e. body surface area. It is considered that 10% of the sulphur contained in the sulphide salt water is absorbed. The higher the concentration of the solution the greater is its absorption. The use of medicinal water sources containing high concentrations of active sulphur compounds in the treatments may provide better results of spa treatment. Like any stimulus treatment it requires a series of treatments, and the therapeutic effects last for about a year after stopping treatment.
Sulphide water is multi-action. It works locally and generally

Local effects:

The effect of bathing on the body starts from the moment of the first contact of skin with sulphide water through gentle exfoliation of the epidermis and stimulating the renewal processes. These actions are supported by the bactericidal and fungicidal properties of sulphide water. The local effect means also the stimulation of micro circulation, better circulation and skin metabolism, expressed by the angioneurotic reaction - redness persisting for about 2 hours

General effects:

After passing through the skin layers hydrogen sulphide forms polysulphides, which are a physiological constituent of the connective tissue and the substrate for the synthesis of chondroitine sulphuric acid (a component of the joint cartilage) and amino acids (cystine and methionine). Sulphide baths have  anti-inflammatory action by participating in the processes of the body‘s antioxidant defence. The result is a reduction of pain, reduction of swelling and improvement of joint mobility.
Sulphide bath has also a beneficial effect in diseases of metabolism, it lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, uric acid and glucose.

The world‘s strongest sulphide water is used to treat such diseases as:

- Degenerative joints and spine
- Slipped disc
- Sciatica
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- United trauma and musculoskeletal overload
- Chronic skin diseases: psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis
- Disorders of the peripheral arterial circulation
- Diabetes
- Gout
- Atherosclerosis
- neurological Origin diseases: neuralgia, neuropathies, teams, root paresis
For our treatments we use sulphide water concentration of approximately 150 mg of sulphur per litre. With a modern, efficient mechanical ventilation, the concentration of hydrogen sulphide in a treatment room does not exceed 4-6 mg of H2S in 1 m3 of air, it is also continuously monitored by appropriate sensors. Therefore, a complete safety and comfort of the guests are guaranteed during the treatments.
Contraindications to the sulphur baths:
• significant heart failure
• a clear arrhythmia
• conditions after myocardial infarction
• unstable coronary artery disease
• unstable hypertension
• states with a history of cancer
• Chronic inflammation of the liver and pancreas
• recurrent phlebitis
• Pregnancy and lactation

Healing sulphide water

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