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Therapeutic Packages
In the Rehabilitation Centre of Malinowy Zdrój you will be taken care by the professionals of balneology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

For treatments we use the traditional balneological treatments such as sulphide baths of concentration individually selected for the patient, the slurry mud baths, carbonic acid, mud wrap, topped by hydrotherapy, kinesitherapy and physical therapy and various forms of massage. This comprehensive treatment strategies give the best results in rehabilitation, treatment of chronic diseases and prevention. The types of treatments and parameters are selected individually for each patient, which guarantees achieving the  long-term therapeutic effects. There is also the possibility of combining the therapeutic treatments with the beauty care.

We treat the following illnesses:
• osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, spine
• rheumatoid arthritis
• psoriasis rheumatism 
• ankylosing spondylitis (AS)
• discopathies
• fibromyalgia
• osteoporosis
• lower limb ischemic
• Skin diseases: psoriasis, seborrhea, burns and scars after surgery
• neurological illness: sciatica, paresis
• complications of diabetes: angopaties and neuropathies
• post-traumatic states of locomotory system: fractures, sprains, sports injuries, "a painful shoulder," "tennis elbow"
• vegetative neurosis

Selection of treatments takes place during the consultation with a specialist on the first days after arriving in Raspberry SPA and it depends on:

• type of disease
• the current state of health
• ailments
• comorbidities
• previous diseases  
• medication
• the patient‘s age
• duration of the disease,

Treatments that do not require medical consultation and to which there are no contraindications are selected according to the preferences of our guests.

For treatments we use:
• raw materials: sulphur brine and mud
• kinesitherapy: individual, team, exercises in the pool
• physical therapy: photo therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasonotherapy, magnetic field
• Massages: classic, vibration, mechanical, underwater, special
• thermotherapy: saunas, general and local cryotherapy

Therapeutic Packages

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