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Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking with an instructor is one of many elements of recreational slimming package offered by the Hotel SPA Raspberry SPA in Solec Zdroj.
The program also includes classes of Gymstick, Thera - Band, Pilates, aqua aerobics and other forms of activities that have been developed by professionals (doctors, dieticians, sports trainers and instructors).
Nordic Walking is the most natural, all-season form of physical activity outdoors. This is a march by using specially designed poles, used for the repulsion from the ground and to support the pace of the march. This causes the active involvement of the muscles throughout the upper body, while balancing the joints of the lower limbs. It also enhances the metabolism, and thus helps to burn calories more effectively.
During the hour walk we can burn about 400-450 calories. For comparison, the traditional march burns only 280 calories.
According to M. Svensson, who is considered a precursor of Nordic walking, this method has gained immense popularity due to, among others:
• similarity to jogging, but to less loaded joints
• less sensation of breathlessness
• reduction of feelings of effort

In addition, Nordic walking extensively affects the body by:
• the involvement of large muscle groups
• strengthening the muscular corset
• relieving arthritis and increasing their mobility
• reducing the muscle tone
• improving the respiratory and cardiovascular system
The benefits of Nordic Walking:
• increased calorie burning by up to 100% compared to normal walking.
• improvement of metabolism
• natural form of motion for everybody
• outdoor activities
• the possibility of practising exercises anywhere, any time of day and year
• offer for every age group
• low degree of difficulty of exercises
• the involvement of 90% of body muscles
• increased heart rate by 15% compared to normal walking
• a simple form of rehabilitation
• reducing the pressure on the spine, ankles and knees, up to 30%
• stimulation of the circulatory system and heart
• feeling of relaxation
• reduction of cholesterol

Gymstick is a rod made of fibreglass with a length of 130cm, the two foam handles with a length of 30 cm, placed on a rod and two tubular rubber belts with a length of 75 cm, closed with loops of special material.
Gymstick used as a versatile instrument for fitness, can suit even very demanding physical exercise enthusiasts.
It has been measured that an hour workout with the Gymstick, causes a loss of 700-800 calories.
Gymstick has been designed for effective physical training. It improves:
• muscular strength and resilience
• balance and coordination
• mobility and flexibility

Exercises using gymstick  strength muscles, accelerate fat burning and improve the general psycho-physical condition.
"By exercising with Gymstick we know our body better. We learn its strengths and weaknesses. During Gymstick exercises we focus on the muscles, on which we want to. Specific exercises involve muscle groups which we care most about "- says Hanna Fidusiewicz a known initiator and promoter of fitness movement in Poland.

Thera-band is a system for exercises using balls, dumbbells and rubber with varying degrees of stretch. They are used all over the world, especially in rehabilitation, fitness classes and during sports training. It is described by experts as the only therapeutic agent and the training of this type. It is a system that uses progressive resistance training. Tapes Thera-Band in resistance exercises cause the increase in muscle strength and improve range of motion. For exercise proper balls of various diameters are also used .
The use of tapes and balls are very effective both in rehabilitation, as well as in preventive action. Regular and yet simple training entails measurable effects in the form of increase in muscle strength and endurance.
After reaching better training results you can go to exercises using resistance bands with a larger and larger diameter balls. Thera-Band Exercises are selected so that after a short time of regular practice and procedures according to the instructor‘s guidance, we could see the positive reaction of the organism to stimuli training, especially in the muscular system.
Thera-Band Benefits:
• improves the efficiency
• provides training in different places: the gym, at home, at work, travelling, etc.
• a natural product made of pure latex
• progressive, linear increase in resistance
• different resistances allow individual adjustment of the training
• versatile - replaces all fitness
• strength of the material - it maintains its properties even after repeated use

The main message of Pilates is to strengthen the awareness of your body. It is very important nowadays as continuous haste, lack of control over one‘s own posture increase the risk of diseases of the spine, distorted figures, abnormal breathing. This obviously leads to a deterioration in the quality of life and destruction of the body.
During the exercise you do not carry out sudden movements and jumps - this is an excellent method for people with arthritis and spinal pain, overweight limiting the possibility of active exercise and for those who have not done sport for a long time.
A typical Pilates workout consists of a set of exercises lasting no longer than 90 min. One of the great advantages of this method is that it does not require the endless repetition of exercises. We repeat each exercise 10 times, thus avoiding feelings of fatigue and tiredness. During exercise it is also important to ensure the control breathing and diaphragm. For optimum benefits it is advised to practice Pilates two to three times a week. The first effects occur more rapidly than in other systems, because after the first 10-20 sessions.

Aqua aerobics
The aquatic environment relieves the spine, promotes muscle relaxation and elongation of the spine, resulting in the adoption of proper posture. The carefully selected exercises expand muscle corset maintaining a correct posture.
Aqua aerobics help you lose weight, shape your body, relieve stress, it is also a great way to stop the biological clock. Regular aerobic training increases the resistance of the body, oxygenates it, improves oxygen uptake and utilization of calcium, and thus prevent osteoporosis, it activates our natural defence system against free radicals, prevents loss of firmness of the body. In a word - delays the ageing process. Aqua aerobics is recommended as a form of rehabilitation available to all people, even after surgery, obese, elderly, suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, having problems with osteoarticular system. In the water also pregnant woman can practice without fear.
Advantages of aqua aerobics:
• improves posture
• reduces overweight
• relieves the joints and spine
• improves body flexibility
• strengthens the muscles of the back and buttocks
• reduces muscle tension, helps to correct posture
• improves joint mobility
• develops muscles and facilitates the elimination of cellulite
• increases the elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments
• increases endurance
• improves physical coordination and balance
• increases the heart ejection volume and the strength of the muscles associated with breathing
• released during classes endorphin has a beneficial effect on mood, eliminating tension and stress
• allows to spend time actively and enjoyably

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