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Malinowy Zdrój

Being in Solec Zdroj you should see the historic church of St. Nicholas, with a crucifix from the sixteenth- seventeenth centuries, the Renaissance tombstone plate of Samuel Zborowski, a wooden church in Świniary from the twelfth century and the Palace in Zborowo - originally a renaissance from the sixteenth- seventeenth centuries (the family nest of aristocratic Zborowski family).

Kurozwęki land of bisons (40 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Kurozwęki, a small town on the shores of the Black River valley, according to local tradition, was founded by the Bohemian knight, a  brother of St. Wojciech. The town was owned by the eminent Polish families: Poraici, Lanckoronscy, Sołtyk and Popiel.

In the second half of the fourteenth century a castle was built, located on an artificial embankment on the Black River flood plain. The palace is again in the hands of the Popiels.

Kurozweki‘s unusual attraction is the only in Poland American bison breeding. Herd - now numbering more than 80 - can be seen in the meadows, surrounding the palace complex, while walking, being in the carriage or inside the car "safari buffalo". In addition to bisons, you can admire the local Mini Zoo.

CASTLE Krzyztopor in Ujazd (60 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Ujazd is an old settlement. In the twelfth century it belonged to the Cistercian abbey, in the fifteenth to a great family of Oleśniccy, in 1619 it became the property of Christopher Ossoliński.

Ujazd Castle was built in the seventeenth century and was one of the largest and most distinguished aristocratic castles in Poland. It briefly enjoyed its glory. The founder and owner Christopher Ossoliński died on his way to the parliament to Krakow. The castle had many owners. The Swedish" flood" put an end to its power. Further damage occurred as a result of fighting the Confederates.

Checiny (60 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Chęciny is a beautiful, medieval town, situated in the heart of Mountains. There are vast, picturesque ruins of the royal castle, which by far dominate the area with soaring towers, pointing the way from miles away.

PICTURESQUE Zalipie (40 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Zalipie is a small village in the Dabrowski province, famous for its wood, beautiful coloured houses, decorated with floral arrangements by local painters. The tradition of painting houses comes from the nineteenth century. In Zalipie there is now about 20 painted houses.

Sandomierz Little Rome (75 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Sandomierz is a town and commune situated on seven hills, on the edge of the Sandomierz Upland, situated by the Vistula River. The industrial part of town, called Nadbrzezie is located on the right bank of the Vistula, in the Sandomierz Basin.
Monuments: Opatowska Gate, Old Town, Oleśnicki House and underground, post-dominican church of St. Jacob, Chapel from 1696, Castle from the fourteenth century (preserved west wing), the Synagogue from the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Palace of the Bishops of Sandomierz
Other attractions: St. Queen Ravine, Pepper Mountains

Wiślica (30 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Wiślica municipality is located in the southern part of Świętokrzyskie province upon Nida River, near its confluence with the Vistula River and in central and southern parts of Landscape Parks Ponidzia. It belongs to the oldest towns in Poland, whose origins date back to before the founding of the Polish state.

Monuments: Basilica of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1350, Dlugosz House - Vicariate from 1460, the Church of St. Nicholas - the remains of the Romanesque church of the tenth century, with traces of ancient settlement walls of XI-XII centuries.

 Busko - Zdrój (19 miles from Malinowy Zdrój)
City of Busko-Zdroj is one of the best known Polish spas. It is located in the southern part of the świętokrzyskie province. Famous landmarks: The bathrooms built in 1836, Wooden church of st. Leonard back from 1699 in the cemetery, which features the tomb of the founder of the spa general F., Rzewuski, Chapel Zdrojowa of St. Anne from 1884 in neo-Gothic style, Virgin Mary church and monastery - originally wooden from the end of the twelfth century, re-erected in 1470 in Gothic style, after a fire in the years 1592 to 1621 rebuilt in Baroque-Classicist.

Bałtów(50 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Bałtów - a village in the Świętokrzyskie Province, in the county Ostrowiec. Stone River flows through the village  and the edges of the valley are framed by limestone rocks. The biggest tourist attraction is the town of Jurassic Park, founded in 2004, after the discovery of fossilized dinosaur footprints in Bałtów.

Garden at the Crossroads in MŁODZAWY(40 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Garden at the Crossroads is the only in Świętokrzyskie province private botanical garden. It was founded in 1993 and it is in constant development. On an area of approximately 1 hectare there grow over 2000 plants: trees, shrubs and perennials, exotic and rare plants. A big attraction are the water holes. The plants are located on three levels, a panorama of the garden can be seen from the vantage point. In the garden there also live animals, among other - a black stork, swan, peacock, and several varieties of ducks.

Gardens can be visited on Saturdays and Sundays, 9-19, from April to November.

Stopnica (8 km from Malinowy Zdrój)
Stopnica - a village in the Świętokrzyskie Province, in the Busko county, on the Pińczowski Hump, about 15 miles east of Busko-Zdroj. It is located on the border of Ponidzie and the staszowsko-szydłowski region. Monuments: The Gothic parish church of St. Peter and Paul, Sacred Heart monastery founded by Christopher and Anne Ossolińscy, Old Cemetery, founded in 1786 by Bishop Joseph Olechowski. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Poland, built outside the city. It was destroyed during the fighting in 1945. It preserved the tombs of several classical nineteenth century marble statues, St. John Nepomucen statue from the eighteenth century, standing by the road from the church to the old castle.


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