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Additional services and treatments

Treatments for hands and feet


1. Manicure
70 PLN
Manicure with painting / decorating or French manicure  85/95PLN
3. Japanese Manicure (filling - 40 PLN)  90PLN
4. Spa manicure (manicure + treatment on the hands) 110PLN
5. Nail painting / French painting / decorating  30-55PLN
7. BABOR Spa Mediterranean for hands - revitalizing treatment for hands  80PLN
8. Beautiful Hands - Nourishing and Rejuvenating treatment for hands with algae and hyaluronic acid
9. Mono Phase - Lacquer UV 60 PLN
10. Mesotherapy - needle-less on hands  130PLN


Pedicure with painting / decorating or French pedicure 170/185PLN
3. A special service for pedicure treatment (e.g., cardiac tamponade, gel orthosis, etc.) 15-50PLN
Spa Pedicure (pedicure & foot treatment) 200PLN

Light feet - nourishing and moisturising treatment with feet peeling 70PLN

BABOR Spa Mediterranean for feet - revitalizing treatment for feet 80PLN


Hair reconstruction treatment K-Pak Joico NEW! 90-150PLN
Hair treatment L‘Oreal (individually selected ampoule for your hair type (such as regenerating renew C, smoothing Liss Ultime, rejuvenating Power Define)    55-70PLN
3. Botox for the hair - a treatment filling and reconstructing the hair structure 50PLN
4. Haircut and modelling 75-105 PLN
5. Haircut for men 35- 40 PLN
6. Haircuts for women 60-90PLN
7. Washing and modelling 60-90 PLN
8. Occasional combing (New Year, etc.) 85-115PLN

JAPANESE P. Shine MANICURE – This is a method, which enhances the natural nails, giving them a delicate sheen. It consists of rubbing a special nail polish that gives a natural glow, feeds them in the natural ingredients: vitamins A, E, H, pro vitamin B5, keratin, bee pollen and silica from the Sea of Japan. P. Shine method stimulates blood circulation, promotes healthy nail growth, leads to the strengthening of nails and enriches them in the important vitamins. It prevents flaking and splitting plate. Japanese manicure is recommended for nails which are brittle, with an uneven surface, splitting. Nails from brittle become elastic and pliable. This manicure due to its naturalness is recommended for both women and men. Hairdresser’s services.

Reconstruction hair treatment K-Pak Joico - Joico‘s  K-Pak System  has patented Quadramine Complex system based on a unique rebuilding formula, which contains a set of 19 amino acids that are compatible with human hair keratin.

QUADRAMINE COMPLEX contains amino acids with four different molecular weights. Amino acids with a molecular weight MMS 150 - rebuild hair from the deepest layers, and amino acids with a molecular weight MMS 2500 - rebuild it from the outside. Quadramine Complex reconstructs the hair cortex (which is most of the mass of hair), and gives the hair elasticity. It penetrates the hair and rebuilds its husk - the strongest part of it, which protects the inner core and cortex from damage. The treatment consists of four stages. The first stage of treatment cleanses the hair, opens the hair scales and by that prepares it for in-depth adoption of QUADRAMINE COMPLEX. The second stage equalizes the porosity of the hair. The third step is an intensive restoration and protection of the hair. During this phase, we put on hair K-PAK restorer that penetrates deeply into the interior of hair, strongly regenerating it. The last, fourth stage of the treatment is smoothing, glazing and improving the flexibility of your hair. Sensual aroma of coconut and white musk envelops hair and relaxes. To extend the effect of the reconstruction maximally, it is recommended to use K-Pak cosmetics series for hair care at home. These cosmetics are available for purchase in our salon

Renew C - deeply restorative-repairing L‘Oreal treatment - for the most damaged, dry, weakened hair. Even the core of the hair is regenerated, it restores outer and inner layer of the hair. It restores hair its strength, vitality and immunity. It touches hair scale.

CATAPLASMA Nature Serie - deeply restorative treatment - based on 100% natural ingredients. It penetrates hair, reaching down to its core, intensively regenerating it. It leaves hair soft, healthy, shiny and smooth. Product free of parabens, silicones- its revolutionary action is based solely on a natural extract from spruce and figs rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Botox for the hair (Fiberceutic) - reconstructing treatment, especially for longer hair prone to splitting of ends, brittle and prone to twist, undergoing frequent treatments, colour and thermal treatments such as drying, straightening. The fiberceutic formula contains special Intra-Cylane ®particles which supplement the gaps and cracks in the structure of hair restoring them. Damaged area is filled with hair and thoroughly rebuilt.

Additional services and treatments

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