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Massage methods

Classical massage
Consists of using various techniques such as stroking, rubbing and kneading, percussion, spreading, vibration and shaking in order to improve local blood circulation, to  improve tissue elasticity and to improve the relaxation of tense muscles.

Massage with chocolate cream
Relaxing massage, which fantastically relaxes, has slimming and anti-cellulite effects. Chocolate contains iron, magnesium, calcium and caffeine that stimulate blood circulation in the skin, accelerate fat burning and the antioxidants slow down the ageing process. Chocolate flavour also helps to improve mood.

Massage with cinnamon cream
Thanks to the active substances, such as alfahydroacids, algae, ivy, lemon, cinnamon and black pepper extracts, aromatic cinnamon cream stimulates the metabolism in the subcutaneous tissue, increases the excretion of metabolic products and toxins. It increases collagen and elastin production and strengthens and tones the skin. It is an extremely effective way to fight cellulite

Slimming massage
Slimming cream eliminates signs of cellulite, it shapes the body, prevents the formation of "orange peel", improves micro circulation, cleanses the skin of toxins. Thanks to caffeine, ivy extract, L-carnitine and Laminaria algae it accelerates the decomposition of fat to free fatty acids and their elimination from the cells. The cream eliminates fresh stretch marks and lightens the existing ones, firms and tones the skin

Honey massage
Smoothing body cream with honey, propolis, and oil from the seeds of walnut gives deep aroma of hot honey, cozy warmth and sensuality. Ideal for normal skin with a tendency to oily. Extremely nutritious ingredients make the body perfectly smooth, firm and satin in touch.

Orange-Vanilla Massage
Velvety texture caresses the body, soothes the senses with warm notes of orange blossom and seductive vanilla. Deeply regenerates, nourishes and gently oils. It protects the skin against moisture loss, eliminates the feeling of dryness. The body becomes wonderfully soft, comfortable, hydrated and naturally sensual. Ideal for dry and normal skin.

One of the most effective ways to combat cellulite. It involves massage of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with the head equipped with movable rollers which massage the sucked in by pressure skin fold. The massage improves blood supply to tissues, drains the excess of fluids and stimulates cellular exchanges. Reduction of fat and cellulite is visible after a few sessions and most importantly, these changes occur in places where the volume reduction is most needed. This method is also used to support the treatment of scars, burns, swelling, venous insufficiency.

Vibrating massage
A relaxing massage performed with a special rubber membrane, vibrating under the influence of flowing inside water, which improves blood circulation in the skin, muscles and relaxes.

• pregnancy
• inflammatory kidney disease
• vascular fragility

It is a restorative dry mechanical massage of the whole body on a water bed. It causes positive changes in the metabolism of muscle cells, giving a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Massage with Chinese cups
Massage with ancient Chinese cups is an old healing method giving an alternative to acupuncture, used widely in Chinese medicine. This massage has a unique therapeutic effect and removes any energy blockages well. The essence of this procedure lies in the creation of a vacuum, which causes the skin to be pulled in the cup. The resulting vacuum affects the skin to stimulate the nerves ends. Following the skin receptors irritation and dermal-visceral reflex it comes to the improvement of the disturbed internal organ functions associated with the area of the skin, where the bubble is led. It relieves the symptoms by energizing and warming the relevant points of the body. This massage stimulates blood circulation and body fluids, it helps to get rid of waste products and toxins from the body. It relaxes and smooths the skin, breaks down body fat, increases blood supply to tissues. It is very effective in fighting cellulite. It works comprehensively, not only by reducing the size of cellulite deposits, but at the same time by improving the quality of the skin and tissues beneath it. In addition to these excellent properties cupping massage relaxes and soothes. It is good for people who are stressed, tired, and after exhausting physical exercise
• stress, fatigue, general weakness of the body
• muscle and joint pain, neuralgia,
• extending viral infections without fever
• cellulite,

• increased body temperature,
• poor blood clotting, vascular fragility,
• varicose veins, thrombophlebitis,
• pregnancy,
• allergic fungal and oil skin lesions,
• cancer

Massage methods

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