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Welcome to fishing in Solec Zdroj
We strongly encourage all amateur fishing enthusiasts to take advantage of the fishing on the reservoir in Solec Zdrój. The reservoir is located approximately 200 meters from the hotel Raspberry SPA. Fishing should be preceded by a mandatory purchase of a fee according to the table in the following Rules of fishing. Fees can be paid at Mr Henry Wisniewski by contacting him by phone: (0-41) 377 65 19 or at his home on Słoneczna Street 11 in Solec Zdrój.

Rules for fishing in the reservoir in Solec Zdroj

§ 1
The owner of a fishery is a Community Office in Solec Zdrój, and a host is Busko Zdrój, Training Section Solec Zdrój
§ 2
Members of the Fishing Association in Busko Zdrój Training Section Solec Zdrój are entitled to fish upon payment of membership and the district fees and the additional contribution for the management and protection of fisheries in Solec Zdroj. Persons paying for the first time all year‘s fee are required to pay an entrance fee.
§ 3
People who are not in Fishing Association have the right to fishing after the purchase of a fee for the development and protection of fisheries in Solec Zdroj.
§ 4
Contributions to the management and protection of the tank once paid are not refundable, and their amount is determined by the General Assembly of the Section.
§ 5
Fishing takes place in accordance with the Rules of Amateur fishing and Rules of hunting.
§ 6
Anglers in the fishery are required to:
1.Strictly comply with the Regulations,
2.Comply with the recommendations of the fishery host who has the right to control fishing and the quantity of caught fish at any time if it is it necessary,
3. Fish storage net is on the position of the angler,
4. After catching a set of fish  the angler is obliged to leave the fishery.

§ 7
One angler in the fishery has the right to control the correctness of the other anglers catching.
§ 8
The catching of fish from vessels is forbidden.
§ 9
In the period from May 1 to September 30 there is a fishing ban on the reservoir No.1 (recreational) from 10.00 to 22.00. And on the tank nr2 you can fish from dawn to dusk. Night Fishing only from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday on the tank No. 1
§ 10
There is an absolute ban of peeling and gutting of caught fish in the fishery.
§ 11
The fishery is made available throughout the year, with the exception of the period specified in § 12
§ 12
Fisheries host reserves the right to temporary 14-day exclusion from fishing in the fishery due to adding fish
§ 13
Section Board is not responsible for the safety of people and their angling equipment.
§ 14
The funds obtained from the contributions will be devoted to protect, maintain and add fish to the fishery.
§ 15
If any violations of these regulations and RAPR occur, a fishing license will be revoked immediately, resulting in a ban on fishing in the fishery in that season.
§ 16
Section Board reserves the right, in appropriate cases to carry out changes to the Rules during the fishing season.
§ 17
We introduce the dimensions and limits of protection for:
- Carp to 35 cm and above 65 cm
- Carp 2 pcs each day,
- Pike up to 50 cm - 2 pieces per day
- Grass carp to 50 cm - 1 piece per day
- Carp to 50 cm - 1 piece per day
- Perch up to 50 cm - 1 item per day
- Other species of fish within the limits and rules set out in the Rules of Amateur fishing.

§ 18
The contribution for the protection and management of fisheries is:
Members of the Fishing Association in the district of Busko-Zdroj and community residents of Solec Zdrój
- Adults 80 PLN
- Young people under the age of 18- 40PLN

Members of other Chapters of Fishing Association:
- 1 day 15 PLN
- 3 days 30 PLN
- Up to 7 days 45 PLN
- Up to 1 month 70 PLN
- Full year 120 PLN

Not affiliated adult residents of the District of Busko Zdroj:
- Full year 115 PLN

Not affiliated adults outside the District of Busko Zdroj:
- 1 day 20 PLN
- 3 days 35 PLN
- Up to 7 days 60 PLN
- Up to 1 month 100 PLN
- Full year 190 PLN

Entry fee:
- A one-time 50 PLN

§ 19
An angler in a fishery must carry a valid fishing license to fish in the fishery in Solec Zdroj.
§ 20
An angler is required to maintain the position of fishing clean on a minimum radius of 5 meters, regardless of the state they  found before the catching.
§ 21
In other matters not regulated by the Regulations, Rules of amateur fishing apply.

Valid from 01/04/2011
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